Jed Gillamac

filipino voiceover artist based in CebuEmail: [email protected]

Hi, my name is Jed Gillamac. I am a voiceover artist based in Cebu, Philippines (PST, GMT+8).I'm always ready to take on any challenge presented to be, be it character work in video games and animation, or commercial and narration jobs, just shoot me an email!

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Video GameOrvus Heel - Space Salvage - Fruity Systems

Serafin - Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector - Jump Over The Age

Audio DramasVoid Guardian - Gareth and the Lost Island - Venomous Duck Media


June Yoon - Coaching & ConsultationVanille velasquez - Voice Acting WorkshopKevin Powe - Voice Acting Character Workshop


"I have been friends with Jed for the better part of a year now and have been able to work with him and hang out with him on multiple occasions. He has a fantastic talent and even though he underplays himself A lot if you put him on a project you will not be disappointed."-JASON ZIMOWSKI, Actor

"A wonderful, hilarious person to work with! He tries his best to learn as much as he can about his role, and goes out of his way to act as a perfectionist for the sake of making your project greater than perhaps even YOU thought it'd be. I wholeheartedly appreciate the drive and effort this guy puts in, and I'm sure anyone else who casts him will feel the same."
-JAHTWAN MOORING, Director/Actor

"Jed's commitment to perfection is admirable. I've never met a more dedicated and unflinching voice actor in the last three years of directing. No matter how meticulous or picky you may be; his resolve to channel the character that you envisioned will absolutely inspire you to deliver an excellent project that lives up to the caliber of his performance. Jed will raise the bar in any project you put him in, and he will inspire others who work alongside him to improve in the process."
-Dustin Cash, Director/Actor

"Jed is definitely one of the most dedicated voice actors I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He goes above and beyond what’s expected with the project and his committed performance truly brings the role to life. I admire the amount of effort he puts into really understanding and researching the role he’s playing in order to create a memorable and fascinating character. His level of professionalism, and light-hearted personality during production has made him an absolute pleasure for everyone to work with and I would be eager to work with him again."-Shady Online, Director

"A great friend and an amazing voice actor to work with. Jed does whatever he can to get the job done and has no issues trying over. He will dig deep to learn and adapt to his character(s), young and old. He's very encouraging, funny, and kind to others. He always tries to help others network and improve their acting. I highly recommend him!"-Nicole Carpio (Director/Actor)